Sponsors and Gears

Talent is a great thing to have and cultivate however nothing would have happened without the support of my sponsors that allowed me to follow my dream in becoming one of the best Windsurfer in the World.


Sweat, Dedication and Passion allowed me to secure some of the best Sponsors of the Industry.

They support me in all my event by organizing my trip from Naxos to my next competition spot, providing me the best gear for my training and supporting me in and for my future career.

Red Bull Greece

Energy drink that gives me power and strenght during my training.

Blue Star Ferries

Greek Ferry Company that sponsor my trip from Naxos to Athens.

Spar Supermarkets

Local supermarkets that fullfill my healthy and energetic meals.

Marlow Navigation

Commercial ship management from Cyprus.

Flisvos Sport Club

Water sports club where i first started to sail with my board and favourite training spot.

Naos Jewels

to be honest, my mom works in this beautiful Jewelry shop; they were my first supporters.

Maritsis Repairs

Without Yannis all my gears will be lost! He is THE MAN for when it comes to fix them all.


Great Brands decided to sponsor me by providing  the best gears available in the market.

They support me on a daily basis while training; they keep me dry, they allow me to perform the best moves, control the wind, redirect my direction in water and keep my eyes protected by the sunlight.


Amazing water suite that keeps me warm and dry while spending many hours in the water.


Great boards for amazing performances such as Culo, Vulcano and many more.


Sailing with it couldn’t be easier and more fun; best wings for when I am up in the sky.

Maui Ultra Fins

Best fins for Aero-  and Hydrodynamics performances. I use the Style Pro 03.

reach me out for sponsorships collaboration events and shows