Skills and Competitions

Talent alone is not much in this world, you need to cultivate it by having a structured plan. Those are really important to have in your routine if you want to become a champion:

practice makes perfect


Never stop practicing if you want to acheive great success in life.

I always give 100% of myself while training and competing; pushing myself to the limit is what gives me the strenght in acheiving good results which can always be improved.

My won competition

2023 EFPT Surf Opening, Austria.

1st Place Freestyle Pro Tour Austria

PWA Marignane, France 2021


European Freestyle Pro Tour, Rhodes 2021

1st Place:European Youth Champion freestyle

EFPT Geneva Foil Freestyle 2021

1st Place: European Champion Tow In

DAM-X 2019 Pro & Juniors

1st Place: U16 Windsurf Freestyle European Championship

Wave Championship, Tenerife 2019

1st Place: World U17 Wave Championship

Wave Chanpionship Gran Canaria, 2018

1st Place: U15 Windsurf Wave World Championship

Freestyle World Championship, Fuerteventura 2018

First Place U15 Windsurf Freestyle World Championship